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Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Umer Malik

The last five years have seen an increase in the popularity of JavaScript, with no casualties due to conflicting versions of the browser. Instead, modern web developers have the best tools to help you create standard JavaScript for every web application.


Client-inventors enjoy a large number of tools that are getting better year by year. Developers of JavaScript usually need to encode manually, or (fortunately) have syntactic lighting (which often doesn’t work properly). Over the last few years, it has evolved into a high quality integrated development environment (IDE) to support JavaScript or at least.

The week

Probably the first flagship turbo c++ download designed specifically for JavaScript developers, Aptana has become the flagship of all band inventors. Aptana’s JavaScript support is not limited to syntactic coloring, and includes dozens of supports for the best JavaScript frames (including Dojo, jQuery, YUI, MochiKit, and more). Aptana is one of the oldest IDEs for “full code” for JavaScript libraries. By typing just a portion of the JavaScript operation and pressing the key, the IDE will show you various options for completing the code (save typing and fix possible clocks with one click!)


Eclipse is the grandson of Comprehensive IDE. Extensions for the Java platform have been extended to several major languages, including Eclipse JavaScript, customization, and plugins. There is a highly customized version of the eclipse, but it is still a lunar eclipse. For those who use Eclipse for web development, adding a JavaScript plugin will bring you many benefits per week.

Net Benz

Considered “obsolete” for a long time, NetBenz has been upgraded and upgraded on the main platform, adding support for languages ​​such as PHP and Ruby in addition to Java. . NetBeans has its own program, not based on Eclipse. For those who don’t like the visual style of Eclipse, NetBeans is welcome.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft has previously announced that it will bind and support jQuery in Visual Studio Lines. Although they do not provide extensive support for other languages ​​such as PHP, they will be able to assist Visual Studio’s jQuery in creating index documents to complete code that works in the MS environment.

Whether you’re a web developer or a C ++ developer, you can easily build, test, and install your iPhone applications in a Windows PC environment. In fact, using the Windows environment, you can create better iPhone apps that can be quickly and easily sent to the Apple App Store. You need to choose the best IDE to run iPhone apps in Windows environment. In the next article, you will find the best IDE for iPhone development in Windows. will meet again.

AirPlay SDK / Marmalade SDK

The Marmalade SDK (formerly known as the AirPlay SDK) is one of the best iOS SDKs for Windows. This amazing SDK allows the inventor to create games and various applications from a computer running on the Windows platform. This tool is a great solution for both 2D and 3D games and applications, due to the variety of suggestions given to indie developers.

Flash CS 5.5

This is the best solution for iPhone development with Flash iPhone package. Allow package developers for iOS to install applications on the Windows operating system. This allows developers to integrate Flex and packages with the iPhone app.

Alliance 3D

It is a game engine and editor that uses Boo and C # and runs on Windows platforms. This is an authentic IDE with powerful content creation capabilities for 3D graphic objects. It comes with iPhone event handler features and an iPhone support feature that helps you create amazing iPhone apps.


Like Unity 3D, it is an IDE for 3D authoring. It serves as a complete development environment for the game as it allows scripting environment for objects. These game engine developers are allowed to create games and apps on Windows but they have to try to create apps on Mac.

Dragon Fire SDK

The Dragonfire SDK allows developers to create applications using the Windows operating system. Many features in the SDK are focused on game development, but there are many new features that allow you to build other types of apps.

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