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According to, Australia has seen a rapid increase in international visitors, post-2012. Recently, in 2019, this island nation invited nearly 9.4 million international visitors. This number increased from 2018 by 2.4% when Australia welcomed around 9.2 million international visitors. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the ultimate Australia travel guide for your next trip in 2023. This Australia travel guide will explain useful and interesting information for people around the world to visit Australia with ease.

Well, this number is surely going to rise, as far as tourism is concerned. The recent projection shows that this rise will touch the 15 million mark by 2026-27. Along with the list of pointers mentioned below. It is natural for more people to travel and visit this majestic land. Here is the complete Australia travel guide:

Complete Guide for Your Next Trip to Australia-2022

Tourist Visa & Other Required Documents

The Australian tourist visa comes under the category of the (Subclass 600) visitor visa. Tourist visa for Australia is a mandate when visiting the country, as it offers short-term permits granted for the sole purpose of tourism. The application procedure can be conducted online itself,  and you do not need to visit the embassy with any hard copies. Here are the  important documents required to avail:

  1. Original passport with 6 months validity from the date of travel
  2. The visa application form
  3. Adhaar card or PAN card
  4. Flight reservation of return or round ticket
  5. Employment proof and payslips, etc.

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Other Travel Documents Required

You should also possess a completed and signed Incoming Passenger card, which includes a health and character declaration.

2. COVID Guidelines Update in Australia

People wishing to enter Australia have to abide by some of the COVID guidelines. Details regarding those are given below –

Mandatory COVID 19 Report 

It is mandatory to have a COVID-19 test before 72 hours of flight departure or less to visit Australia. Furthermore, the test report must be negative during check-in.

Passengers, thus, travelling should have a COVID-19 PCR test report, but for countries where this test is not an easy task, they may be exempt as determined by the government of Australia.

Quarantine Requirement

Travellers might also be kept in quarantine for 14 days to curb the spread of the virus, but travellers from the green zone and those from the exemption category might be the exceptions.

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3. Importance of International Travel Insurance

People travelling to visit Australia should opt for international travel insurance, which can seize unnecessary monetary flows. In case of flight delays, baggage loss and other such issues, a travel insurance plan offers a shield from unfortunate incidents. Additional reasons to opt for travel insurance are –

  • Financial assistance for medical emergencies.
  • Baggage lost or delayed.
  • Flight cancellation or delay.
  • Loss of passport.
  • Unfortunate cancellation of trip.
  • Personal accidents, etc.

These are some issues that tourists anywhere in the world can face at any given point in time. Therefore, it is wise to buy a suitable travel insurance plan prior to your trip.

4. Expenses to Cover While Travelling to Australia  

Well, visiting Australia is a dream for most travelers. But, for visitors, it is important to chalk out the expenses beforehand. It is key to note that the cost to visit might be on the higher side.

For example, according to a blog by Nomadic Matt, his average daily expense is around 100 USD. But in general, the cost to visit Australia for a solo traveler is around 1,955 USD for a week and 3357 USD for a couple.

Listed below are some of the major costings that will help you set aside a budget and plan your trip to Australia better:


Typically, hostels cost around AUD 15-20 in lesser-known cities and AUD 40 in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Food & Drinks

On average, a typical meal in Australia will cost you around AUD 20, but it might reach up to AUD 45. Apart from this, a value meal at McDonald’s will cost you around AUD 12.

Drinks in Australia will cost you around AUD 9, which is relatively on the higher side. But, you can also grab a drink at 50% off during happy hours or from backpackers bars!  


On average, the cost of a 15 days pass costs AUD 329 and a 30 days pass costs AUD 399.

Plus, if you are looking to plan an affordable trip, late August to early September is the time for you.  

Who Can Visit Australia? 

According to, international borders are currently closed to overseas tourists. People who are Australian citizens, permanent residents and immediate family members can only visit Australia.

Additionally, Indians who have been in New Zealand 14 days prior to visiting Australia can also enter Australia. We’ll discuss the complete Australia travel guide.  

5. When is the Right Time to Visit Australia?

Australia has its own beauty and essence for every season. Apart from the gorgeous blue waters, deserts and exquisite beaches, visitors wishing to experience snowfall might opt for a visit during the months from June to August.

But, individuals who want to avoid the chilly winter and the hot weather, can visit Australia from September to November or from March to May respectively. This time is perfect to take a walk around the streets of Australia and bask in the sheer beauty of the nation. Also, at this time, you can avoid the otherwise busy Christmas pandemonium.

6. Major Events to Look Forward to in Australia in 2022

Tourists looking to visit Australia in 2022, can enjoy a lot of festivals and events, some of which are:  

  • Australian PGA Championship, Queensland (12th to 15th January 2022).
  • Toyota Country Music Festival, NSW (13th to 22nd January 2022).
  • Sydney Festival, NSW (14th to 15th January 2022).
  • Uluru Camel Cup, NT (26th to 27th May 2022).
  • Outback Festival, QLD (18th to 22nd September 2022).

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It is evident that Australia is a slice of heaven on earth. From desert to sublime beaches, and wineries with restaurants Oz has it all. But, to avoid unnecessary financial loss, opting for international travel insurance might be a smart choice besides keeping the other pointers mentioned in this article in mind.  

7. Best Places to Visit in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

  • Best time to visit: June to October.
  • Cost per person: AUD 115 (approx.) for 1-day trip.  
  • Things to do: The best way to explore this place is by cruises that run parallel to the coast of Queensland. Otherwise, you can take a dip at this liquid heaven for scuba diving or snorkelling.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

  • Best time to visit: May to September.
  • Cost per person: AUD 340 (approx.) per night.       
  • Things to do: Here, you can take a walk around, enjoy sunrise and sunset, watch birds, witness rock art and perform ranger-guided activities like Ranger-guided Mala walk.

Whitehaven Beach  

  • Best time to visit: September. 
  • Cost per person: AUD 123
  • Things to do:Located amongst the Whitsunday Islands, to experience the turquoise-hued water, you can take yachts, ferries, or boats on Whitsundays sailing adventures for a hypnotising experience or you can also opt for a bushwalk.

Great Victoria Desert

  • Best time to visit: January.
  • Cost per person: Variable.
  • Things to do: Adventure seekers can take a four-wheeler drive in this desert to witness its rich flora and fauna.

Sydney Opera House

  • Best time to visit: Anytime.
  • Cost per person: AUD 42.
  • Things to do: You can experience a show here or dine in with family or witness a Badu Gili. Apart from all these, you can also take a tour and choose from 4 of its tour options.

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