Like other organs in the human body, your teeth also need essential care regularly. Without a regular care routine you can face severe infection on gum and teeth. You should take care of both if you want to maintain oral hygiene. Gum disease leads to terrible damage to oral health. And among lots of crucial oral disorders, crooked teeth highly affect anyone’s personality.

In terms of crooked teeth problems, you should take proper care of your child’s oral health because your baby can face tons of problems due to having crooked teeth. While a baby starts learning the alphabet crooked teeth hinders pronunciation appropriately. As well as growing old, your child faces huge problems in student life. Because crooked teeth never allow your child to pronounce a word perfectly.

As a result, lack of proper pronunciation snatches the power of creativity of your child partially. And your child has to stay away from some recreational cultures like recitation, debate etc. So, as a responsible parent, you never want to see your child facing these problems due to having crooked teeth.

What are the reasons that Cause Crooked Teeth?

A crooked tooth is a nightmare for everyone. So, as a parent, you always take care of your baby with proper healthy habits for ensuring his/her dental health. Now, take a look at some practices, which creates the chances of growing crooked teeth.

# Thumb Sucking

You must be familiar enough with the common scene of thumb sucking off a newborn baby. It’s quite natural but after 6 months while the teeth of your baby start to grow, thumb sucking can be a risk for future alignment of the baby’s teeth. Because during sucking the thumb, babies always apply constant pressure on the soft and growing gums.

So, if you do not stop your baby from sucking the thumb, this practice can harm the primary growth of the baby’s gum tissues. As a result, while teeth start to grow from the gum socket, they can be crooked. In a common vision, a baby’s thumb sucking is quite natural. But, as a parent, you should not allow this practice for your growing baby to ensure his/her flawless oral structure. You know if your baby can not get rid of this practice in toddler age, he/she can grow with crooked teeth.

# Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrusting is also not free from the risk of crooked teeth like thumb sucking. The bottle-fed or breastfed babies tend tongue thrusting. Because prolonged use of bottle nipples, as well as pacifiers, make babies habituated to sucking. And while your baby keeps stepping from the infant stage to early childhood, sucking habits lead to abnormal tongue thrusting. Thus, the frequent movement of tissues below the baby’s tongue creates a wave of pressure on the baby’s gum. Thus, the early growth of teeth alignment can be affected. So, as a parent, you need to convert the focus of your baby to another thing for stopping tongue thrusting.

# Lack of Oral Care

In early childhood, everyone has a habit to eat sweets and chocolates. But due to the high concentration of sugar, these foods always create cavities in teeth. Now, as a parent, if you neglect the matter of regular brushing after consuming sweets or chocolates, then cavities reach the gum line. And in the severe phases of cavities, your child needs to uproot the affected teeth. In these cases, the structure of the gum line can be deeply affected. And later your child will suffer crooked teeth problems.

# Natural Misalignment

Sometimes, people are born with a variance between the upper jaw and lower jaw. In these cases, the upper jaw size is smaller than the lower jaw. The defective alignment of jaws makes teeth crooked externally. 

# Genetic Problem

Like other body similarities, the genetic disorder can be the reason for crooked teeth. If parents have crooked teeth, children also get the same disorder in teeth alignment. In these cases, children can’t get rid of crooked teeth even after maintaining oral hygiene. 

How Invisalign Can Resolve Crooked Teeth Problem?

Invisalign is such a teeth alignment treatment, which does not use brackets or braces. As an effective crooked teeth treatment component, it comes with a clear, invisible texture. Before being involved in the treatment process, this component requires individual digital mapping as a part of the effective treatment plan. It does not create barriers in eating, brushing and flossing like braces.

The removal facility makes brushing and flossing easier to maintain oral hygiene properly. Even your baby will never feel pain with Invisalign like traditional braces. So, to get rid of crooked teeth of your baby there needs to take appointments with reputed doctors. Check out invisalign in Tampa to get the teeth straight without any hassle.

Above all, if you opt for Invisalign you will be able to straighten your baby’s teeth following the safest procedure. And the babies also feel relaxed to keep away crooked teeth irritations. Because crooked teeth always create a layer of difficulties in brushing. As a result, there is always a chance for the development of bacteria in the deep pockets of gums. So, Invisalign is a convenient option to maintain proper oral care.


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