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If you’re not ceramic car coating your car, you’re leaving money on the table. Earlier, my car got scratches all over its body and it was a disaster. But before I continue telling you what happened, let me share a little background of myself.

I am an ex-pat who fell in love with this beautiful country. I could say that I’ve found the place to work, build a family and spend the rest of my life with.

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And so… after years of waiting for the right time, I went to an immigration agency to help me with my PR application in Singapore. After having a good deal with a PR Consultant, I headed straight to buy a Digital lock Singapore for my HDB flat because my manual lock got broken. Though I can buy a new manual lock if I want to since it’s a lot cheaper, I just cannot compromise my safety.

Then, I went to different auto shops to look for something.

I am always looking for ways to make my car looks nice. In the past, I have used wax to coat my car but this was not an option.

After spending a day trying to find a good coating to apply for my car, I discovered that my car already has slight scratches everywhere and my old paint job was slowly fading and peeling off!!!

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I didn’t know where those from. Perhaps I left abrasions on the surface due to constant washing to keep the car clean regularly, then left the car under the scorching heat of the sun for longer periods daily, or somebody just scored it on purpose.

Whatever it is, it was frustrating! So, I went my way to a few different auto shops and got a quote of S$1000.00 for a coat. I just couldn’t spend that much money on something that didn’t look new.

Good thing, I remembered that I have browsed a website with good reviews. They offer a Car Ceramic Coating (Singapore) that will not only give your car a glossy shine but also a nano level of permanent protection!

I then realized how I tried not to spend much on car protection but I ended up spending more because of this poor mindset.

So, I went to this shop and true enough, they are more than willing to help their customers achieve the best results for their cars. 

They fixed my car paint and covered it with a ceramic glass coating that’s extremely resistant against scratches, hydrophobic to protect from dirt, grime and wash marring, shiny and easy to clean. Also, it reduces the need for constant reapplication.

Now, I’m happy with what they did to my biggest investment.

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The greatest lesson I’ve learned is not to settle for less. And I’d like to give emphasis on these matters:

1. It’s all about the finish and protecting your car against scratches, UV rays, bird drops, dirt, paint peel-off, oxidation and swirl marks.

2. A good coat makes it look classy and prevents scratches from being visible. Not just shine but collect dust.

3. The coating lasts longer than wax, so it’s cost-effective and convenient compared to spending for regular waxing which offers less protection.

4. Don’t DIY the coating. Let professionals do it; otherwise, you might mess up.

5. Wherever you go, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car paint will be safe.

6. Get your new car ceramic coated. Don’t wait until it’s too late, especially when most of the time you’re on the road.

And if you’re like most car owners, you may already be excited to have your car applied with ceramic coating. So, get up and bring your car to the shop!

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