Where To Stop During A Road Trip On The East Coast

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Road trips are back in style and are taking the world by storm! People want to slip away from their jobs and daily lives and vanish into cities and towns they haven’t seen before. The urge to hit the road and go as far as you could be so alluring when you haven’t been able to travel in ages.

These are some of the top things to experience if you’re on the road and want some fun on the east coast.

Myrtle Beach

Internationally famous as a fun and exciting beach with endless beautiful white sand, Myrtle Beach has the classic beach-town vibes that were the top vacation spots in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although some parts are updated, a lot of it still holds the incredibly nostalgic feeling of a childhood road trip.

There’s something for everyone who visits, from clubs to delicious restaurants and the most beautiful beaches on this side of the country.

NYC, Of Course

There’s no east coast road trip without a chance to see the big apple! New York City is a large stop that might take a couple of days, but it can also be a fantastic destination if you start driving on the southern end of the eastern coast. In NYC, you can see and do anything you want, get to taste food that’s not available anywhere else and see sights that you’ve only seen in photography for most of your life. As expensive as it is, it’s not somewhere to spend more than a couple of days of your trip visiting.

The Outer Banks

North Carolina is known for a long history of being home to pirates and lighthouses with attached ghost stories. Please get to know some of this history and fantasy where they meet in the outer banks. This strip of islands that creates a bubble of water off the coast of North Carolina has the whitest sand and most beautiful and endless ocean views you can find. Although there are no waves to surf on this side of the country, boogie boarding and sightseeing here are unparalleled!

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