NetSuite Project Management

Project management is a critical process for all service-based businesses. Successful completion of any project requires resources, experience, investment, planning, and trained teams. It is a complicated task and cannot be completed without additional support. Project management is complicated and challenging because there are many moving parts involved. Organizations need NetSuite project management to handle all the complex procedures involved.

It brings together all the components that are necessary for the smooth running of an organization. The users are able to combine all the documents and resources in one place to make sure the project workflows are smooth. This article outlines how each module can help organizations improve their processes.  

What is NetSuite Project Management Software?

NetSuite project management software is a popular professional services automation option through which businesses can efficiently manage their teams, budgets, resources, and tasks on a single platform. It provides useful insights and gives complete control to project managers. They can use it to allocate resources to the right projects and make sure no employee is being over or underutilized.

Businesses can improve their performance by automating multiple tasks and freeing up team members to focus on important matters. With NetSuite, users no longer have to rely on multiple systems and improve their work efficiency. The project management system has flexible integration options making it easier to integrate with multiple project management software. It is a third-party system that ensures smooth synchronization and helps multiple business systems connect together.

The Project Management Module

One of the modules included in the software is NetSuite project management which allows managers to efficiently handle all resources. They can collaborate with each other and keep updating the real-time status to inform all team members. Managers are able to efficiently monitor the performance and remain proactive throughout the project lifecycle. All vital components will be working together to resolve potential issues and make sure the operations are not affected.

NetSuite accurately delivers real-time insights and updates to make project management smoother. The users will be performing in the capacity of a manager and deal with all the project components. Teams perform much faster and can improve completion rates, lower the number of non-billable hours and ensure client satisfaction.

The Key Features of a NetSuite System

Project Management

Project management can easily integrate with other components of NetSuite project management demo related to financial planning and accounting. They can ensure businesses are accurately tracking project expenses and managing revenues without recognition. It is easier to create an invoice, calculate unbilled hours, and keep up with other components. The module can help businesses manage different types of projects concurrently and help project managers track the status of all projects through a single dashboard.

Resource Allocation

Managing of resources is an important aspect of project management and helps businesses retain better visibility over all their processes. NetSuite allows users to remain updated on available resources and also helps businesses keep an eye on KPIs. They can maximize efficiency to improve performance and target higher profitability. There are resource management tools and features that make it easier to manage projects. Some of them include:

  • Resource booking and requests
  • Automated allocation of resources
  • Search resource according to criteria
  • Forecast resource usage and availability

Accounting and Finance

NetSuite project management includes accounting tools that enable businesses to integrate financial data. They can handle all the project activities and finances through it so it is easier to track accounting processes. Billing project work is quicker and there are some features that help teams:

  • Project revenue collection
  • Automation of invoices
  • Reports and summaries for project profitability

Time Management

NetSuite project management includes timesheets which makes it possible for employees to log time and approve working hours. Managers can update the information and track the performance of their team using the appropriate measures. The timesheet management option provides remote access and employees are able to submit the documents on time. The time management features include but are not limited to:

  • Bulk timesheet editing
  • Project timesheet approval
  • User time tracking and approval
  • Customized data entry
  • Timesheets for multiple projects

Expense Tracking

Expense management helps managers customize their workflows, processes, approvals and meet all the requirements of the project. The tool can be integrated with other accounting modules to promote seamless tracking and monitoring. It is possible to fulfill all KPIs with NetSuite project management demo using the expense management options. The features include:

  • Expense monitoring
  • Overdue reminders and alerts
  • Custom business rules
  • Mobile report and expenses
  • Advanced approval and options
  • Workflow monitoring
  • Consolidated reports on expenses

Analytics and Reporting

NetSuite makes it possible to use the analytic options and choose simple or convenient project management tasks. The users can keep track of the overall performance and status of all active tasks. It has analytics and reporting tools that managers can use to share information relevant to budget estimation, KPIs, profit margins, and stakeholders. There are many analytics options included:

  • Interactive reports with detailed information
  • Customized dashboards
  • Collaboration options with reports
  • Notifications and alerts for all updates

NetSuite Project Management Costs

The implementation module has pricing plans starting at $399 per month for every user. The actual pricing might vary for each module and NetSuite does not share all the details but you can request the information from the local vendor. However, there is no free version or trial period for the project management implementation module.

Hiring an Implementation Partner for NetSuite

It is very important to hire the right partner to implement the software solution. Companies need to follow comprehensive instructions and it might not be possible on their own without trained personnel. Users need to follow decades of training and travel all across USA and Europe to implement seamless transitions. The right partner will have the experience, expertise, and resources that are needed to get the maximum value out of the business solution.

To retain the complete functionality of the included procedures, NetSuite project management demo needs to integrate the modules with different third-party solutions. There are multiple business processes that increase the risks involved. A training partner can help avoid them and implement the module successfully.

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